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Plywood is manufactured from thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together. It is a sheet material that is made by placing adjacent layers upon each other by rotating the wood grain in various angles. Plywood belongs to an engineered wood that belongs to the category of manufactured boards that further include particle board (chipboard) and medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

Plywood is a composite material that binds resin and wood fiber sheets. There are different types of plywood available, like softwood plywood, hardwood plywood, aircraft plywood, flexible plywood and tropical plywood to mention a few. Each has a different composition with varied strength and use.

The common thickness for a plywood ranges from 1/8 to 3.0 inches, whereas the size of a plywood sheet can either be 4 x 8 feet or 5 x 5 feet.

Samafe International is recognized as a celebrated plywood manufacturer conducting business all over the globe. The plywood distributor offers bulk quality plywood of different shapes, sizes, and types.

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