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A fence is often defined as a structure that encloses an outdoor area of a property. A fence is constructed using posts that are connected using boards, nets, wires or rails.

The type of fencing is broadly divided into two categories- by construction and by function.

When categorizing fencing on the basis of function, it typically relies on the purpose of use. For instance, agricultural fencing is used to keep livestock safe from predators or privacy fencing used to increase safety and security. Even balconies, stairway railings, roofs, and bridges are identified as fences. These are often classified under the category called balustrade.

Fences are made of different materials and this can also be used to distinguish and categorize these for easy understanding.

Chain-linked fencing is a robust and strong fence that is constructed by weaving galvanized steel wire. The wire runs vertically and is bent to imitate a zig-zag pattern, also giving these the name diamond-mesh fence.

Wire fences like smooth wire fence, electric fence, welded wire mesh fence and barbed wire fence are also commonly used. Wrought iron fence is made from tube steel, whereas several pieces of wood are placed together to form a wood-panel fencing.

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