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Gabions are derived from the Italian work gabbione which means “big cage”. In definition, gabions are baskets filled stones and concrete or even sand and soil that are used in buildings, landscaping and military application to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.

The type of gabions used varies from the kind of construction is being used for. For instance, to control erosion, caged riprap is used, whereas, in the military context, gabions are filled with sand or soil to protect the infantry from enemy line. For the construction of dams or foundation for any building, cylindrical metal structures.

The existence of gabions can be traced to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci designed a gabion known as Corbeille Leonard or “Leonard’s basket” for the foundation construction of the San Marco Castle in Milan.

Gabions are used to retain walls (in civil engineering) or increase protection (for militaries). A gabion wall takes the shape of the slope rather than being placed vertically. The lifespan of a gabion depends on the wires used rather than the baskets. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the wires used for the gabions are of proper quality. Galvanized steel wire is the most typical wire used for a gabion. Stainless steel and PVC coated steel wires are also used commonly.

Guaranteeing a long life for the gabions, Samafe Internation engages in manufacturing quality gabions in bulk at a competitive price. Samafe International has been recognized as a reputed manufacturer and supplier of low-cost products for metals, hardware, erosion control and construction industries.

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