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Essentially a steel fence post, the name T-post varies from one country to another. While steel T-posts are common in the United States, in Australia and New Zealand, these are called Y-posts, or also known as “Waratahs”. Since the view of the posts imitates the shape of a Y or T, the names have been derived as such.

The T-post is a type of fence or picket that is manufactured using steel or the durable rail steel. These act as spines for mesh or wire posts, preventing them from slipping down or falling over. Driven into the ground using manual or pneumatic post pounder, the studded T-posts are extremely durable and strong. The posts weigh 1.01, 1.25 or 1.33 pounds per lineal foot.

Metal T-posts and a range of other types of T-posts can be bought in bulk from Samafe International. Distributing bulk T-posts all around the world, the quality of posts are guaranteed.

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