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U-shaped, 11-Gauge sod staples. Ideal for securing erosion blankets or geotextiles in place. The legs of the staples are 6 in. long and arch of the staples is 1 in. wide.

  • Long staples dig into soil for good grip
  • Available in all sizes and gauges
  • Galvanized steel
  • Anti-rust

Sod Staples

  • Sod staples are the perfect solution for securing newly laid turf, erosion blankets, or landscape fabric into the ground. Made with high-quality materials, these staples are durable, rust-resistant, and suitable for any soil type. Easily installable using just your hands, sod staples help keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful and well-maintained. Ideal for both residential and commercial landscaping projects, our sod staples are available for purchase at affordable prices.

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